Grand Canyon

Relax to the warm, exotic notes of white sand and seashores.

Fragrance Notes

  • Pineapple adds a sweet summer touch
  • Magnolia captures the island’s bouquet of light floral scents
  • Coconut depicts the soothing warmth of suntan lotion on sun-kissed skin

Did you know?

Smells bring back memories, like the scent of suntan lotion. This scent will transport you back to a relaxing day at the beach.

Let the Grand Canyon inspire your home

  • Vanilla and caramel tones capture the warmth of the tropical sand

  • A zen garden brings home the peace and serenity of the pristine beaches

  • Pineapple and lime mojitos get you in a summery mood

  • Large mirrors reflect warm sunrays and brighten up your room

  • A magnolia centerpiece works well with the dune blossom tones

  • Green grasses are reminiscent of the island’s wild dune grass

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