1. What fragrances do you offer?

Lavender (Lavender Superstar), Lemon (Lemon Idol), Rose (Rosy Starlet) and Fruity (Fruity Pin-Up).

2. How should I use V.I.Poo?

Shake well. Spray 3-5 times directly into the toilet bowl onto the water BEFORE USE. For external use only.  Use in well-ventilated rooms away from sleeping areas.  For adult use only.

3. How long does one bottle last?

  • Up to 300 sprays
  • 100 Uses
  • 3-5 sprays per use

4. Should I spray onto the toilet seat?

No.  If sprayed, wipe up with a damp cloth.

5. Can product be sprayed in toilet afterwards?

No, product is designed to be sprayed on water BEFORE going. V.I.Poo formula creates a barrier that trap odors in the bowl and releases a fresh fragrance.

6. How should I store V.I.Poo?

At room temperature.

7. What happens if V.I.Poo comes in contact with skin or eyes?

Please read precautionary language and First Aid statements on the product label.

If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING.  IMMEDIATELY call a physician or Poison Control Center.  If in eyes, IMMEDIATELY rinse eyes with water.  Remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing eyes for at least 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, get medical attention.  If on skin, wash with soap and water.  Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and get medical attention if a reaction develops.

8. If I am unsatisfied with the product, how can I be fully refunded for my purchase?

View our “Odor Free Guarantee" for full details about product refund.

9. Do I need to shake product before I use it?

Yes, you should shake the product each time before spraying.

10. Brand new product is not spraying

V.I.Poo may need to be primed a few times when first used before product is sprayed. If the product does not spray during following uses, ensure the product is held vertically upright and spray should resume.