5 Things We Learned From Jeremiah Brent About Creating a Home You’ll Love for Years to Come

“Design is having its moment right now, just like where fashion was ten years ago,” begins Jeremiah Brent, the disarmingly handsome and charming interior designer who has quite the repertoire (and husband—he recently wed fellow designer, Nate Berkus). After gaining an alternative view of design through a career in fashion at Rachel Zoe, the creative brought his fashion principals to interiors. Here, Brent shares his top five tips for creating a personalized home that you’ll love for years to come.

1. Connect and Invest
As a burgeoning designer, Brent found a vintage, worn-in leather armchair that piqued his interest of what type of man would own this chair. Case in point: he wanted to be that man. So, he stretched his budget to purchase it, which has been with him ever since.

When it comes to investment pieces, start small, like a chair or piece of art that has meaning to you. “It’s all about what you connect to. Creating your home is a marathon, not a sprint—let the space unfold, see what it will become,” says Brent. “You can decorate your home like page 64 of a catalog, but you won’t see your personality in the room,” he continues.

2. Layer in the Past, Present and Future
“Good design is all about layering—the past, present and future,” says the designer, who’s own aesthetics stemmed from that one chair ten years ago. “Just like fashion design, designing a home should have elements of who you are currently, who you were, and who you want to become.”

3. Mind Your Budget
On a budget? Begin collecting found objects from travels or local flea markets. Remember, it’s what speaks to you! You can even incorporate a signature fragrance (it’s another layer!) into your home for very little cost. Try a scent that reminds you of a favorite vacation–it’ll be cheaper that actually traveling there! Brent is a strong believer in the power of scent and just partnered with Air Wick to launch their Life Scents Collection (he loves Turquoise Oasis, which reminds him of Miami, where he was en route to for the weekend… making us terribly jealous).

4. Take Risks
“The home is all about interpretation—you can finally take risks in the home—there are no rules anymore,” says the designer who also states that the typically more mature industry is opening up to younger designers. Another rule he breaks (and we absolutely love that) is you can paint a room black. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make the room small–trust him, it’s moody and chic (just like that French boyfriend you once had in college).

5. Layer in Trends
Trends can be fleeting but if they speak to you, try them out! Trends can be temporary accents that you weave throughout your home–think: throws, pillows, etc. So, what are some his favorite layering pieces these days? Straight from runway to home, Brent says, “Fringe, blush, florals and embroidery.”

Texture: “We’ve been seeing a lot of fringe lately in fashion—from boots to jackets and this risk-taking element is one of Brent’s favorite. Some of his other favorite ways to incorporate texture into the home are with faux fur throws or even sequins (thinkMoroccan Wedding Blanket!).

Embroidery: “Embroidery on clothing and hand-woven elements in the home, like macramé wall hangings are everywhere now. I love the organic feeling these pieces are bringing into the home.“

Florals: “One of my personal favorites is the resurgence of floral prints that have been modernized,” he says of the watercolor and dark versions that have been coming onto the design scene.

Blush: “This color is going to be big for this year,” says Brent who is currently designing a blush room. We couldn’t agree more and have been having a love affair with this pale hue too!

Article Created By: The Nest  (http://blog.thenest.com/2015/02/16/jeremiah-brent-home-design-tips/)