Life Scents FAQs

1. What is Life Scents®?

Life Scents® is the first constantly changing fragrance.  Air Wick® Life Scents® are designed to mimic real life experiences by providing a multi-layering effect allowing consumers to perceive the competing fragrance accords. Each scent contains three constantly changing fragrances, what you may smell one moment might be different from what you smell the next. In a standard fragrance the accords are blended to produce a rounded overall smell/effect.  Real life is not like this, when we are baking we smell individual ingredients or components at different times: sometimes the pie crust when the over door is opened, or the fruit stewed in spices as we prepare that stage, or the Vanilla Ice-cream as we serve it up. Or a day at the beach, you smell the sea, then sunscreen, then maybe pine trees (depending where you are in the world).  The point is you don’t smell it all as one smell, it constantly changes.

2. How does Life Scents® work?

Traditional fragrances are developed to deliver a single, stable fragrance. Life Scents® uses breakthrough technology that fundamentally changes how perfumers develop and think about fragrances. Life Scents® is a blend of ingredients that constantly change to deliver a truly multi-dimensional experience so that at any moment you might smell something different. For example, in Summer Delights you may smell Vanilla one moment, and then smell Melon the next, and then smell White Flowers the next and continuous variations thereafter as the three fragrance accords compete in their levels of notice-ability, yet work together to provide a harmonious fragrance.

3. Do Life Scents® fragrances exist anywhere else?

No. Air Wick® has exclusive rights to the technology and is only available in Life Scents® fragrances.

4. Will Life Scents® refills work in my existing Air Wick® devices?

Yes. Life Scents® Freshmatic® refills, and Scented Oil refills will work in all Air Wick® Freshmatic® gadgets and Scented Oil warmers.

5. Where can I find Life Scents® products?

Life Scents® products/fragrances are available at retailers nationwide. You can also try the Buy Now button on the product pages to see what online retailers currently sell Life Scents® products.