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Join the #SquareFoot SuperBloom

Will you help Air Wick® and World Wildlife Fund reseed native wildflowers in the Northern Great Plains? It’s as easy as posting on Instagram.

The wildflowers need our help.


Wildflowers aren’t just the inspiration behind our natural-smelling fragrances. They’re critical for the health of ecosystems all around the world. But we’ve lost 33 million acres of wildflowers and grasslands in the Great Plains since 2009. To help protect and conserve nature, we’ve partnered with World Wildlife Fund to create a Super Bloom that aims to reseed a record-setting amount of native wildflowers—and we want you to join us.


You share,

we plant.


A Super Bloom is when millions of wildflowers bloom at once. Let’s make one happen on Instagram, to reseed wildflowers in real life. Starting March 12th, if you share any wildflower—a photo, a video, any wildflower counts—Air Wick® + World Wildlife Fund will plant one square foot of wildflowers for you in the Northern Great Plains. We even have some wildflower illustrations below to get you started. Just use #SquareFootSuperBloom, and be sure to post to the feed!

Air Wick + World Wildlife Fund are creating a Super Bloom to reseed a record-setting number of native wildflowers. Will you help us protect nature? #SquareFootSuperBloom


We care about every

wildflower. So we’ll count

any wildflower.


Let’s reseed the feed!


We want to plant as many wildflowers as possible, so we worked with illustrators from regions all around the country to make them impossible to ignore. Each one of these gorgeous pieces is based on a native wildflower that was hand-picked by the artist.

Explore each wildflower below to learn more, and share your favorite using #SquareFootSuperBloom to get your square foot planted.

Plant your own square foot at home.


The reseeding doesn’t stop after you share & join the Super Bloom. Sign up below, and we’ll send you a free package of wildflower seeds that are native to your region, so you can plant your own square foot at home.


Share your wildflowers by June 1st, 2022 to ensure Air Wick® can count them towards our goal and plant one square foot for you.

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