Energize your space with PURE air fresheners from Air Wick®

Energize your space with PURE air freshener from Air Wick®

It’s common to only reach for an air freshener once there’s a bad a smell in the air – but while bad smells around the home can have a dramatic effect on your mood, the same can be said for pleasant smells.


Your sense of smell is unbelievably powerful; the relationship between scent and the brain is complex and commanding, more so than you think[1][2]. Fragrance can trigger moods and powerful emotions because of associative learning[3] – the process by how our brain learns from past experiences.

So why not take advantage of past happy memories and use the power of scent to affect how you feel?

Energising your home does not necessarily mean a deep spring clean. Sometimes, to refresh your home, all you need is the right fragrance. With Air Wick Pure air fresheners you can give your space that much needed burst of fragrance to reflect your mood – with less residue compared to traditional 8oz Air Wick aerosols.

Pure is a premium aerosol air freshener that not only helps add fragrance to any room, it is also an odor eliminating spray. Containing essential oils, Pure air fresheners deliver a unique fragrance experience. Given the intimate interconnections between smell and emotion, you can best pair a scent group to match how you want to feel.

Pure Energizing Air Freshener - Orange & Grapefruit Essential Oils

The health benefits of citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits are widely known – antiseptic properties and high levels of vitamin C can contribute to healthier skin and an improved immune system. Traditionally in aromatherapy, orange and grapefruit essential oils have been used to soothe inflammation, uplift mood and help fight depression[4]. Studies have also shown that the scent of oranges can reduce anxiety and improve the moods of patients nervously sitting in a dentist’s waiting room[5]/[6].

Use Pure Energizing spray air freshener around the home during autumn and winter; when days are shorter and there is less sunlight.

Pure Refreshing Air Freshener - Lemon Blossom

Zesty yet delicate, lemon is commonly associated with its antiseptic properties. While lemon does have health benefits, the oil aroma does not influence the human immune system in the same way. Through associative learning we have come to subconsciously associate the scent of vitamin C packed fruits such as lemon, with positivity, boosted energy and alertness[7].

Start your day with the sharp and zesty scent of Pure Refreshing air freshener in the morning

Pure Relaxing Air Freshener – Patchouli & Lavender

The calming benefits of lavender have been widely recognised for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and depression. It has been shown to temporarily sedate the nervous system[8], which is crucial to reducing levels of stress when overstimulated[9]. For this reason lavender is perfect for winding down after a stressful day.

Air Wick has combined lavender essential oils with patchouli - a bushy herb of the mint family. When used with lavender, the scent of patchouli can result in a soothing effect which can help you to slow down, relax and process your surroundings,[10] ready for the next day. Give Pure Relaxing air freshener a try before taking a calming bath.     

Whether you give Pure a spray first thing in the morning or just before slipping into bed for the night, Air Wick can help revive your space to reflect how feel.

See here for the full Pure range.


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