Scents to fill any space

Keeping your home smelling fresh and filled with fragrance can sometimes be difficult as some air care devices can overpower, or even underwhelm, rooms in your home.

Whilst instant sprays may be the most popular method of freshener, they only provide instant burst of fragrance in time of need. Plug In air fresheners allow you to get fragrance continuously released into your home so you will always be ready for any unexpected guests you may have.

Air Wick’s newest Plug In technology allows you to achieve the perfect setting that is both suited to your space and the fragrance you desire. With 8 x more fragrance control, compared to the previous Air Wick® scented oil warmer, you can ensure you provide your space with a continuous air freshener that you can dial up, or down, to fill any size room.

One bedroom studio home

There are times where fragrance can overpower your one-bed studio home, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Why not have a Plug In that omits a fresh fragrance such as Forest Waters by the front door on a lower setting so that every time you or a guest enter you are greeted by a gentle scent of dewy leaves and blackberries?

Large family home

A large family home has many open spaces just waiting to be filled with fragrance.

In cases like this you may want to keep your Plug In close to the entrance of a room and the hallway, so fragrance can follow you whether you are entering a room or just walking past. Bring back a sense of serenity with fragrances such as Lavender & Chamomile.

Two-bedroom apartment

Although you have more space than you would living in one bedroom studio, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to turn the fragrance setting up to the maximum.

Whatever you decide to choose scent-wise, it really does depend on how strong you like your scent to be and with eight settings to choose from you will always have a choice as to how strong you prefer your scent to be.

To fill a single room

Whether you are trying to put fragrance into an open plan kitchen-dining area or just a single room, you will always get the perfect amount of fragrance to fill the area and your taste, no matter the size.

Depending on your fragrance preferences and how much you want to fill the room, you may want to stick to fresh scents as they can be less overwhelming than others. The First Day of Spring can help gently awaken any room with a burst of freshly cut grass, spring flowers and orchard apples.

Scent can evoke powerful memories, and with Air Wick® Plug In scented oils, which come in an array of fragrances including the Life Scents collection, you can add a personal touch to your home, making sure that every day there is constant fragrance and freshness in every room in your home, regardless of the size.