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Linen Defines Clean & Comfortable

Nothing says home like a warm breeze and the smell of clean, fresh laundry.

Linen Defines Clean & Comfortable

It’s the smell of home

That feeling you get in the spring, when the windows are open, the chores are done, and there’s a warm breeze stirring the smell of clean laundry around your home. There’s nothing like it. Or that feeling of sinking into a bed of warm, crisp sheets fresh from the dryer—so soft and soothing you fall asleep almost instantly.


Nothing says fresh and clean like a home filled with the fragrance of linen, and with Air Wick® fragrances you can enjoy this simple luxury beyond laundry day.

Capturing the freshness

We bring you the comforting scent of laundry in two varieties, Fresh Linen and Sunset Cotton. 


Fresh Linen carries the warm, familiar smell of fresh laundry, sunshine & pure white flowers, blended together to capture an authentic fragrance experience for your home.


With Sunset Cotton, you can unwind with the comforting yet fresh smell of pillowy cotton, wrapped in sheer woods and finished with a hint of amber.

Experience the freshness of linen across our range of products

You can have that fresh-laundry scent in every room—without the hassle or the chore.  Air Wick® brings the soothing scent of clean laundry in a variety of options including scented oils, automatic sprays and aerosols.

Did you know?

Our cotton scents are crafted from geranium, lemon and orange essential oils?  We’ve captured the freshness of the geranium flowers and the crispness of the citrus fruits to achieve that clean and comfortable fragrance.

Linen scents available in