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Reckitt Issues Voluntary Product Recall of Single Lot of Select Cans of Aerosol Air Freshener.

Introducing Vibrant from Air Wick® 

Introducing Vibrant Scented Oils – an incredible fragrance experience by Air Wick®. Infused with 2x more essential oils* Vibrant is our most luxurious fragrance experience.


*Fragrance infused with 2 times more natural essential oils vs regular Air Wick® Scented Oils



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Unplug your senses with Plug-in Scented Oils

Transform your home into a sensory experience with a steady, fragrant infusion of our Plug-in Scented Oils.


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Automatically uplifting

Automatic Sprays help neutralize odors and bring freshness to any room. And with an automatic timer, you can set it to your liking.


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Citrus is always in season

A twist of grapefruit, a whiff of sweet orange, and a touch of green mandarin creates a bright and invigorating fragrance, leaving a room citrusy-fresh. 


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Let in the lavender

Deeply therapeutic and relaxing, a little lavender goes a long way. We’ve curated a selection of fragrances that include notes of chamomile, almonds and more.

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Ideas & tips

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Why Air Wick®?

We follow our natural instincts 

Fragrance can have powerful effects on our mind and mood. That’s why we bring the refreshing, invigorating, soothing, scents of nature into your home. Our products are designed to deliver odor neutralization while creating an environment that’s uplifting and welcoming.

We believe mother nature does it best

We start from the source, using the best ingredients nature has to offer to make essential oils that are 100% natural for our products.

We design devices that deliver

We are a leader in air-care technology.  We thoughtfully design our devices with hopes of constantly improving the fragrance experience.