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Air Wick© Fragrances Are Infused With Essential Oils That Are 100% Natural

The Air Wick® essential oils range has been inspired by the essences of fruits, flowers and plants from around the world. Discover how using naturally inspired fragrances can help create the perfect atmosphere in your home.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the naturally occurring oils which are extracted from plants, flowers, fruits resins and woods. It is these essential oils which give plants, fruits and flowers their distinctive natural fragrance(1).


Essential oils have played a crucial role in aromatherapy, first used in ancient Egypt, China and India over 6000 years ago to advocate a sense of tranquillity(2).

Using essential oils in the home

Essential oils can also be used to fill your home with wonderful naturally inspired fragrance, helping to create the perfect atmosphere. With roughly 90 essential oils to choose from, the range of naturally inspired fragrances is rich and diverse, meaning there is a scent to suit any room.

Discover Air Wick Fragrances Containing Natural Essential Oils

Here at Air Wick we have a wide range of products containing essential oils sourced from around the world.


Fragrances containing essential oil can be found in the following products:


- Plug Ins

- Candles

- Wax Melts

What are the benefits of fragrances containing natural essential oils? 

Fragrance and mood are intrinsically linked, affecting how we feel and behave on a daily basis – in fact 75% of emotions we experience daily can be impacted by the sense of smell(3).


Often overlooked, fragrances are in fact one of the most personal aspects of our identity; without interesting scents life can seem dull and boring. By exposing ourselves to a range of naturally inspired fragrances we can help enhance the home environment.


Naturally inspired fragrances found in essential oils diffuse a long-lasting fragrance that help to create the atmosphere you desire:



Create The Perfect Ambiance