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Freshen up your home

Scent has a powerful influence in everyone’s life - not only can it help evoke powerful memories but it can also have the ability to affect our mood1.


The power of scent can work in a negative way as well as a positive way: you may be put into a bad mood if you notice bad smells around your home, especially if you simply do not have the time to do a deep clean.(2)


If you are stretched for time, there are a few simple cleaning tips to help ensure you are enjoying a true home scent experience, rather than just masking odors. This can be as easy as:

Opening a window
Clean laundry

Avoid musky smells.

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom drains and sinks clean (with a baking soda and white vinegar combination, for example(3)) will avoid musky smells.

Air Wick® Pure, the latest instant spray aerosol from Air Wick can help you ensure that no matter what room or what time of day, you can help bring freshness back into your home. Here are our scent recommendations:

Start your day off right with a citrus boost

Orange can provide an invigorating as well as uplifting atmosphere, making this citrus fragranced Air Wick® Pure Energizant perfect to start your day.

Use vanilla to uplift your home

The warming, delicate scent of vanilla can help create a calming atmosphere for your family and guests.(4) The scent of vanilla has a sweet and smooth aroma that is perfect for invigorating social spaces like living rooms and kitchens.

End your day calm and stress-free

An age old element of aromatherapy, a lavender spray can help create a therapeutic environment in your home5 Try using the Pure Relaxant fragrance before you go to bed each night.


Let fragrance help you have a great day. Use Air Wick Pure instant sprays to enhance the atmosphere around you and deliver fragrance wherever and whenever you need it around the home.


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Freshen up your home