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Tackle Bad Smells Head On

Tackle Bad Smells Head On

Each day your nose  is bombarded with an array of smells – not all of them pleasant. Air Wick© can help you keep your home fresh 24/7.

Out of the 10,000 different scents, our noses can pick up, there are going to be those that we would rather not encounter, especially on a daily basis.(2)


The brain has a natural filter to adapt to smells which are constantly around us, allowing us to focus on new and unique smells that could present a potential threat. This is also known as sensory adaptation.(3) It can lead to homes growing increasingly smelly, as lingering odors go unnoticed. From smelly pets to stinky feet, there can be many reasons why bad odors linger around the home; read on to discover some Air Wick® odor control tips. 

Start Your Day Off Right With A Tropical Boost

Start your day off with the soothing scent of tropical fruits and flower with Air Wick® Pure™ Tropical Flowers.

Get Swept Up in the Scents of the Shore

Fill your home with the refreshing aroma of the sea, perfect for kitchens and other living spaces. Give Air Wick® Pure™ Ocean Breeze a spray for up to an hour of welcoming fragrance.

Create an Uplifting Home Atmosphere

If you’re after a soft and silky scent, give Air Wick® Pure™ Sunset Cotton a spray. This delicate, but delicious scent can give your home a welcoming feeling, enveloping your space in positive memories.

End Your Day With Some Peace and Quiet

Getting a good night’s sleep can ultimately help set you up for a good day and going to bed angry, stressed or worried can seriously affect how much sleep you get during the night. Try spraying Air Wick® Pure™ Purple Lavender before turning in for the night to fill your bedroom with the floral scent of Lavender. 

Eliminate odors & freshen up your home with air wick® pure™

Open up the windows once in a while! There is no right amount of fresh air we should get each day, but ideally, you should be airing your home out daily for at least five minutes to improve the air quality. Humid and stale air is considered ‘heavy’ and can be particularly bad for family members with asthma and other allergies, as it harbors fungi, mold and dust mites(4).


Bathrooms and kitchens are usually contribute the most to humidity in the home(5)Dampness can cause mold, mildew and musty smells. Make sure you keep the fan running or the window cracked for about 30 minutes after steamy showers. Prolonged humidity can damage your home through the spread of mold,(6) so consider installing ventilation and keep a look out for signs of mold, as this will save time and money in the long run.

Eliminate odors & freshen up your home

Try some of our fresh fragrances like Ocean Breeze or Fresh Linen – the perfect fragrances to neutralize odors and invigorate your home with a crisp, clean smell.