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Hallway Guide

Don’t forget your hallways when thinking about your home’s fragrance. Keep these connecting spaces smelling as wonderful as your main rooms.

It’s an entryway to the rest of your rooms and it sets the tone, from the way that it looks to – you guessed it! – the way that it smells. Our sense of smell is a highly emotive tool, so a hallway that smells immediately warm and inviting will feel it, too.


If you want to freshen up your hallway, here’s how to eliminate odours and infuse it with scents that will surprise your guests for all the right reasons.



Ventilate the hallway

One of the issues with hallways is they often don’t have windows that you can open for ventilation. This, added with the fact they are usually the smallest and stuffiest rooms in the house, can be a recipe for stale smells. When it’s safe to do so, open your front door so that it’s slightly ajar for as long as you can. This will make sure that any odours are able to disperse, and that fresh air can find its way in.

Maintain a clean carpet

With the hallway being a high traffic area, you’ll need to know how to make carpet smell fresh. It tends to be trodden on before the shoes come off, meaning it can be clinging to a whole load of mud and dirt from the outdoors that naturally starts to smell. A top tip to make carpet smell nice is to sprinkle some baking powder onto your hallway carpet (which has natural deodorising properties!) and vacuum over it. Make sure you vacuum at least once a week to stop bad odours from occurring as a result of your carpet.

Keep your hallway clutter-free

Not only can clutter stop your hallway from looking it’s best, but it can also be the cause of bad odours. The most common culprit? Shoe racks. These have been traditionally taking up space in hallways for some time, but smelly shoes that can be a breeding ground for bacteria should not be greeting your guests. Instead, try to keep shoes and coats in a cupboard or perhaps in your garage, where they are away from the entrance hall of your home.

Install a plug-in

A great addition to any hallway is the Air Wick® Plug-In. Define your home’s personality by plugging the device discretely into your hallway socket for consistent, long-lasting fragrance for yourself and guests entering the home. Whatever your scent preference, the Plug-In will allow you to control the fragrance level as desired, so you can have a subtle scent or something stronger depending on your needs.

Add a reed diffuser

Alternatively, another way to make a statement when someone walks through the door is with the Air Wick® Reed Diffuser. One of these on your hall table will make all the difference; not only does it add a decorative touch, but it acts as an inviting fragrance to greet guests immediately, dispersing its scent into the air through natural rattan stems. It’s up to you to pick how you want to welcome people – from a fruity or floral scent to something more unique, like a subtle linen or cotton scent.


Make sure your hallway sets a suitable first impression; keep it as clean and clear as can be, and don’t forget to enhance it with one of our signature Air Wick® scents!


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