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Living Room Guide

Our living rooms are often the liveliest rooms in the home. It’s the room where we entertain loved ones – and it’s where families tend to spend most of their time together.

From putting your feet up to watching your favourite TV shows, this room should reflect a sense of serenity as well as being ideal for socialising.


With so much time spent in our living rooms however, they can often start to feel, and smell, well… lived in. If this sounds familiar, here are a few things you can do to stop your living room from smelling and give it a fragrant lift.



Clean your carpet and rugs regularly

Carpet is a popular choice for people’s living rooms (as are rugs), as we want this area to be warm and comfortable. Yet this, combined with the fact that the living room is a high traffic area, means floor surfaces can get especially filthy. It’s therefore important to clean your carpet and your rugs regularly. For a living room that maintains a clean smell, vacuum your carpets and rugs once per week if possible.

Say no to sofa snacks

Your sofa sees a lot of people in its time – and as a result, it gets dirty. It already gets covered in dust particles and people’s skin cells, so food is one addition that you should avoid. We’ve all been there; takeaways and TV, or perhaps a snack to see you through… but food that’s left lurking in the nooks and crannies of your sofa corners can quickly turn stale. Clean your sofa with a vacuum (and perhaps fabric cleaner) once a week and opt to get it professionally cleaned once a year.

Prevent pet smells

The thing we love so much about our furry friends is that they love to be around us. This means that when we’re in the living room, they’re likely in the living room, too – quite possibly curled up next to us. The problem with this is that your living room can become prone to pet smells (and a lot of cat or dog hair, too!). Vacuuming the carpet and your sofa will help with both, but you can also buy a black light from a pet shop to help you spot the cause of pet smells and clean this up.

Use a plug-in

If you’re looking to get rid of bad odours in your living room, our Air Wick Plug-Ins last up to 80 days (based on 12 hours daily usage on minimum setting) and can help you keep the air in your room smelling consistently fresh and clean for an extended period of time. There’s something for everyone, so you can choose a Plug-In scent that’s perfectly suited to you.

Finish with a candle

Finally, a living room is one of the focal points of your home, so a candle is a wonderful way to improve your interior as well as adding to the ambience and aroma – particularly when hosting guests. Make a habit of lighting an Air Wick® Essential Oils Infusion Candle after you’ve finished cleaning to bring in natural essences extracted from fruits, flowers and plants to your living room. This will help to lift the mood with a refreshing scent of your choice.


Your living room can be lived in and smell luxurious with just a little bit of maintenance and the magic of Air Wick.


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