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Turn Your Guest Bathroom Into A Spa Like Oasis

Turn Your Guest Bathroom Into A Spa Like Oasis

Guest bathroom ideas can be big or little changes, but one thing's for sure, the guest bath is the perfect space to experiment! If you've always wanted spa like bathrooms but couldn't see where to start, try out your ideas in the guest bath first.

Our guest bathroom ideas are pretty simple ways to make your guest bath feel inviting and welcoming, and if you find yourself favoring this room over your master bath then you'll know you've got a winner!

If your guest bathroom feels outdated or a little lackluster consider swapping out your hardware for more modern finishes. Ditch that shiny, yellow 1980s brass for brushed chrome or deluxe brushed brass fixtures. This is also a good time to get rid of that toilet-paper holder that's impossible to reach (see if a putting it on a different wall or getting a free-standing toilet paper holder might be better) and to upgrade the shower rod for one of those curved models that gives guests more room in the shower. Spa like bathrooms start with fixtures that work properly and make your guests more comfortable.

Towels should be absorbent above all else – otherwise what's the point of them? But you don't have to break the bank to find quality towels, just do a little research into prices and quality – look for natural materials like cotton or splurge on linen. Choose a color, or colors, that you'll like for years. Make sure that hand towels are ready for guests to use – if you don’t have a towel bar or ring in an obvious spot move it or leave the hand towel draped on the counter. Guests shouldn't have to reach too far for towels. Guest bathroom ideas should focus on making your guests feel comfortable in addition to your own tastes and needs.

If you hate painting walls you can always add wainscoting, which is a pretty simple DIY (you can find lots of step-by-step instructions online). Or maybe you love painting and you're ready to tackle these guest bathroom ideas yourself. Don't limit your creativity to wall color alone – consider stenciling a pattern or painting in large, horizontal stripes. Consider texture, too: you could paint the walls a basecoat of eggshell finish paint and then stencil a pattern in high-gloss for a light-catching look. And don't forget that paint is one of the easiest changes you can make – you can always paint over a color you don't care for or an effect that didn't come out right. If you can't afford to get rid of that tile you don't care for you can still minimize its effect with the right colors. Consider painting with flattering colors like warm lavenders and pinks or go for big drama with rich jewel tones or deep neutrals like gray.

Find some accessories you really love. They don't have to be matchy-matchy, either. As long as they coordinate, go for it. Find a sweet basket to keep fresh rolls of toilet paper handy. Look for a shower curtain like the one from all those spa like bathrooms you've spied in catalogs or online. Best of all, add some of those luxurious details (you know, the ones you don't have room for in the master bath because of your collection of flat irons and mouth wash). Try a decorative Air Wick scented candle[i] (or a few!) in your favorite scent on a shelf or the counter. Keep a decorative box or small glass full of matches (you can even find matches with heads in pretty colors!) so that enjoying the candle is simple.

[i] Make sure that you only burn candles within sight, away from anything flammable. Keep candles away from children, keep the wax pool free of debris, and do not allow the flame to touch glass. Stop burning Air Wick candles when ½ an inch of solid wax remains.

Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Try our Air Wick® Automatic Sprays for 24/7 odor neutralization that lasts up to 60 days (on low setting). Fragrances like Pure Sparkling Citrus® and Fresh Waters® are sure to keep your bathroom smelling fresh everytime you walk in.