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Protect Nature. Plant Wildflowers.

Nature inspires everything we do. Without it, crafting our authentic fragrances would not be possible. So, we are committed to helping protect the things that make nature thrive: Wildflowers.

Air Wick is committed to growing more wildflower habitats

Wildflowers are more than just ingredients that inspire us. They are a source critical to wildlife. Nature gives us so much, so it is time we give back to nature by committing to growing more wildflower habitats. That way, we can all connect to nature and its scents today and tomorrow.

More on our mission to come 

Check back on March 12th: National Plant a Flower Day to learn how we are giving back, one square foot at a time. So you don’t miss it, sign up for our newsletter below to receive updates on our commitment.

The Limited Edition Scented Oils Spring Collection

We strive to bring the beauty of nature into your home. This collection of fragrances is inspired by wildflowers and crafted with more natural ingredients for all to enjoy. 


Explore the collection at your local retailer.