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Together for Wildflower Habitats

Because wildflowers are more than just ingredients that inspire us, we’re partnering with World Wildlife Fund to give back to nature and help reseed 1 billion square feet of native wildflowers and grasslands in the Northern Great Plains.  Over the next 3 years, Air Wick® Scented Oils and Botanica by Air Wick® will partner with WWF to help the largest natural ecosystem in the United States return One Square Foot at a time.


Wildflowers are more than just ingredients that inspire us

Since 2009, the United States has lost 33 million acres of grassland and wildflower habitats in the US Great Plains – that equates to half the size of Colorado. Every year we lose more and more acres of grasslands and native wildflowers, primarily as a result of plow-up for expanding row-crop agriculture, putting the preservation of wildlife at risk.

You might be asking “what do wildflowers do?" Well, they are vital for many wildlife species, including pollinators and songbirds, and their deep roots improve our soil health and water quality so protecting them is important.

Given that our purpose is to connect people to nature, we could think of no better mission to take head on and no better partner to help us – WWF, whose purpose is to help nature and people thrive.  Together, we will raise awareness of the critical need for more wildflower habitats and encourage households to take action to help restore nature for the benefit of us all.

Through our partnership with WWF, one billion square feet of native wildflower and grassland habitats will be reseeded in the Northern Great Plains over the next 3 years.  Let’s get planting!

Our Plan to Plant 1 Billion Square Feet of Wildflowers

The Northern Great Plains spans more than 180 million acres and crosses five U.S. states and two Canadian provinces.  It is one of the world’s only remaining temperate grasslands.  Learn more about this habitat at

See the progress we’re making and where we’re planting wildflowers and grasses through our Seed Tracker.  Check back to see how close we are to reseeding 1 billion square feet by 2024.

One Square Foot is all it Takes!

If you'd like to offer pollinators a helping hand you can do so by planting wildflowers in your backyard, or in pots on your patio or balcony. Even a single square foot can provide food for bumble bees, butterflies, or hummingbirds.


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Join The Movement that Starts with One Square Foot

Step 1: Find The Right Seeds
Identify wildflowers native to your region and find a spot to plant seeds.

Step 2: Scatter Your Seeds
When you find the spot with the right amount of sun, remove debris, prep soil, and scatter your seeds.

Step 3: Compress Your Seeds
Walk over wildflower area, but never cover seeds with soil.

Step 4: Water & Watch
Water until soil is moist until the seedlings have sprouted to over 4”. Continue to water and enjoy as nature takes over. Share pictures of your gardens with us so we can see the amazing work you are doing at giving back to your local pollinators #PlantWildflowers 

Results may vary, success depends upon conditions when planting seeds

Air Wick Connects People to Nature

Air Wick crafts the essence of nature into the authentic fragrances that bring the beauty of nature into your home.  When nature gives us so much, it’s only natural for us to give back as much as we can.  When we commit to growing wildflower habitats, we can all connect to nature and its scents today and tomorrow.

It doesn’t just stop there.  Our journey to becoming a more sustainable brand began in 2020 with the launch of Botanica by Air Wick.  We consciously thought about how to improve our environmental footprint by decreasing plastic packaging, improving recyclability and increase natural content.  We have continued this journey with our newest range of Scented Oils which are crafted with more national ingredients and smell amazingly natural.  Be on the look out as we continue on this path of protecting nature.

Explore Our Scents Inspired by Nature

We strive to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Our responsibly sourced Botanica line, Scented Oils range, and our newest Limited Edition Spring Collection are inspired by native wildflowers to do just that.

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