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Do essential oils help you sleep?

Aside from their scents, essential oils are each known for their own unique properties. If you’re wondering what oils to diffuse for sleep – those such as lavender, cedarwood and jasmine – are considered to have soothing qualities that make them particularly useful as an all-natural remedy for improving overall sleep.

People may use these in different ways depending on the essential oil, from placing a drop or two on their bedsheets, to using a diluted amount in the bath, or, as is most common, through a diffuser.


Many people believe that these powerful sleeping properties come in part from how closely scent is linked to our memory, triggers and emotions. This could be why lavender essential oil is so popular as a sedative, as it is so often associated with feelings of calmness, relaxation and unwinding. You can read more about lavender essential oil here. Find out about the other essential oils which are often associated with sleep below:


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