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Stuck In The Dog House? Keep Pet Smells Under Control

More than half of all Americans have a dog or cat in their home, that’s over 144 million[1] furry friends in the U.S. alone. There are numerous health benefits to owning a pet, including physical, mental and emotional. If you have pets, you’ll know that they come with love, responsibility and unfortunately sometimes some pretty bad smells.

Over time you can get used to your home’s smell, be it good or bad. This process is called ‘sensory adaptation’, reduced sensitivity to things you repeatedly see, hear and smell (2). In order to reduce the amount of sensory stimuli, the odor receptors in your nasal passage stop sending messages to the brain about lingering scents. This way your brain can focus on unique smells that are ‘out of the ordinary’ which could present a potential threat, i.e. smoke from a fire

foto13.pngThis is why guests in your home might be able to pick up the bad scent of pet odors more so than you. You may feel like a time consuming deep clean is the only solution to bad pet smells, but often there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Try some of our odor controlling tips below, so you can stay on top of bad pet smells, replacing them with that clean feeling, bursting with fresh fragrances: