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10 Tips On How To Make Your House Smell Good

10 Tips On How To Make Your House Smell Good

We've got 10 ideas on how to make your house smell good! Your home should be a relaxing refuge. Make your house smell fresh, inviting, soothing or energizing – choose a different scent every day of the week if you like!

10 tips on how to make your house smell good

Trash always smelly? Downgrade to a smaller trash can and take it out more frequently!

Use an Air Wick scented candle in the bathroom, especially when there's a lot of traffic, like during parties. This may seem like one of the more obvious ways to make your house smell good, but you can't deny that it's efficient and pretty!

What's your favorite spot to sit and relax with a book or a cup of tea? Put an Air Wick scented oil nearby to make your cozy space even more relaxing. The continuous fragrance of a scented oil will ensure that your favorite spot always smells great.

Open up the windows once in a while – even in winter! Even if it's only for a few minutes, opening windows will let fresh air in and help clear musty or stale air out.

Do the laundry – especially sheets and towels! Fabric holds onto smells easily.

Use Air Wick automatic sprays or Scented Oil near problem areas like shoe storage, basements, laundry rooms and more for continuous fragrance.

If the baby's diaper pail or cat's litter box is causing problems try Air Wick Stick Ups for small spaces. Placed inside the lid of a trash pail or on the side of a litter box, these little wonders can help keep air smelling fresh.

Air out bathrooms after showers. Dampness can cause mold, mildew and musty smells – make sure you keep the fan running or the window cracked for about 30 minutes after steamy showers!

Make a habit of lighting an Air Wick scented candle or using an Air Wick Room Spray after you finish cleaning a room – nothing feels better than sitting back after a round of dusting or mopping and taking a breath of a scent you love!

Eliminate Odors & Freshen Up Your Home

Try our Fresh Waters or citrus fragrances as a way to freshen any room in your home.  Air Wick scents provide an invigorating burst of nature-inspired fragrance, infused with essential oils that are 100% natural.