Essential Oils Guide | A Guide by Air Wick® US


All About Essential Oils

Air Wick© fragrances are made from essential oils to envelop your home with invigorating and therapeutic fragrance. For more ideas, tips and information on essential oils and their benefits, enjoy these articles.

Air Wick© Fragrances Are Infused With Essential Oils That Are 100% NaturalJuly 2024Air Wick© Fragrances Are Infused With Essential Oils That Are 100% Natural2024-07-11The Air Wick® essential oils range has been inspired by the essences of fruits, flowers and plants from around the world. Discover how using naturally inspired fragrances can help create the perfect atmosphere in your home.READ MORE
How to use fragrances infused with essential oilsJuly 2024How to use fragrances infused with essential oils2024-07-11Essential oils occur naturally in plants, leaves, herbs and flowers. These pure essences have pleasant aromatic scents, making them perfect for use throughout the home. They have been used throughout ancient history, as well as in modern medicine today, for their many therapeutic benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about essential oils.READ MORE
Do essential oils help you sleep?July 2024Do essential oils help you sleep?2024-07-10Aside from their scents, essential oils are each known for their own unique properties. If you’re wondering what oils to diffuse for sleep, – fragrances such as lavender, cedarwood and jasmine have soothing qualities that make them particularly useful as an aid for improving overall sleep.READ MORE