All About Fragrances | A Guide by Air Wick® US


All About Fragrances

Air Wick©’s selection of fragrances fill your home with fresh scents inspired by nature. If you’re looking to discover how to get the most from our products, you’ve come to the right place.

Freshen up your homeJuly 2024Freshen up your home2024-07-09Keep your home smelling crisp and clean all year long with a variety of invigorating Air Wick© fragrances.READ MORE
Jeremiah Brent wins us over on layering home scentsJuly 2024Jeremiah Brent wins us over on layering home scents2024-07-11Jeremiah Brent is a master of finishing touches. After all, he originally made a name for himself decorating the house of the queen of particulars, Rachel Zoe.READ MORE
The Air Wick® Guide To Seasonal ScentsJuly 2024The Air Wick® Guide To Seasonal Scents2024-07-09Each season brings an array of favorite fragrances such as fresh fresh blooms in spring, and warm autumnal scents in fall.READ MORE