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The Air Wick® Guide To Seasonal Scents

The Air Wick® Guide To Seasonal Scents

Make every season your favorite season with Air Wick® in your home!

Set the tone for your space no matter the time of year with seasonal scents from Air Wick®. Whether it’s summer or the holidays, Air Wick® has a fragrance experience for each season and every emotion that comes with it. Consider the gentle, fragrant mist of our Essential Mist® Diffuser, the rich aroma from our Advanced Scented Oil plug-in, or the convenience of our Automatic Spray to convey your fragrance experience of choice. Scent has the ability evoke a special, emotional connection to your space for both your household and your guests – let Air Wick® help you redefine the fragrance experience in your home this year!


The arrival of crisp autumn air signals the arrival of earthy scents in our daily lives. Bring the outdoors inside with Bonfire & Crisp Fall Air Essential Mist refills. You can also choose to fill your home with a feel-good, welcoming atmosphere in Apple Cinnamon Medley Automatic Spray or the beloved Pumpkin Spice in any device – you can even try our reimaged autumn classic in our new Vibrant White Pumpkin & Chai Scented Oils fragrance! One whiff of these autumn notes can transport your heart and mind to a cozy cabin in the woods or to magical memories of apple-picking and pumpkin patches.


As the holiday season arrives, we’re sure you’re looking forward to spending time with loved ones around the dinner table. Wintertime calls for bringing inside rich, inviting Air Wick® scents inspired by the most wonderful time of the year. Add the aromatic experience of Ripe Cranberries & Currants Scented Oils to help transform your space into a special one during such a thankful time of year. Fresh Pine & Juniper follows closely on this scent’s heels as loved ones call upon your carefully decorated home to exchange gifts. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our love of dessert after each holiday meal, and you can choose from Brown Sugar & Vanilla or the revamped Vibrant Vanilla & Warm Caramel Scented Oils to add to your experience.


The uplifting energy felt during the arrival of Spring is a nearly unbeatable recharging of our emotional batteries. Welcome a new beginning into your home by bringing some of the most exciting scents from Air Wick® to your spaces. Smell a certain sweetness during this blooming season with the addition of Limited Edition scents like Fresh Watermelon & Berries or Peach & Sweet Nectar Scented Oils. If you prefer floral over fruity, then try Hibiscus & Blooming Orchards or Lush Honeysuckle & Raspberry scents for a truly delightful burst from your Essential Mist® Diffuser. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two experiences, you can check out Apartment Therapy’s article for some inspiration.


Satisfy that summer urge for the perfect getaway right in your own home with Air Wick® scents. The tranquility of tropical paradise can be found in Vanilla & Pink Papaya Scented Oil or in Fresh Water Breeze Essential Mist. Relieve your best vacation moments – and create new ones, right in the comfort of your home. Sunny days and balmy evenings can be nearly felt in the Air Wick® Vibrant Collection. Infused with 2x more essential oil versus regular Air Wick® scented oils, Vibrant offers an amazing fragrance experience for everyone in Lavender & Waterlily, Nectarine & Paradise Flower, White Sage & Mahogany, or Almond Milk & Honey. The choice of trip is yours at home this summer!

Seasonal scents available in

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